Colegio Alemán de Temperley
Exzellente Deutsche Auslandsschule
publicado el 23 de Setiembre de 2013

Gütesiegel Rede Schülerin Lirussi (en Inglés)

Gütesiegel Rede Schülerin Lirussi
To the Ambassador of the German Republic in Argentina,
The School´s Head and the members of our school community.

We are gathered here today to celebrate the recognition of our school as a German School Abroad. This process, in which not only the school authorities, but also teachers, students and parents took part, has finally paid off and we can proudly say that we have all made it possible.
As pupils, we need to realize the great significance that studying foreign languages has in our lives and how benefitial for our future it will be.
We were conscious of this when we went abroad at the beginning of this year.The results of our learning process were pleasantly reflected during our trip to Germany. We were able not only to manage ourselves in a country where we could proudly speak their language, but also resort to English or eventually our mother tongue to make friends and get to know another culture.
This is why I am addressing you here today, to tell you all that we are proud of this recognition, that everybody in this school achieved, working as simply as a team in a single community, facing new challenges and sharing one feeling: the love to this school; our school, The TemperleySchule.